Frequently asked questions

What is Bookkeeping?

Every business, no matter how large or small, is required by law to record the financial transactions undertaken by an individual or organisation.

This can be a huge task for any business and if not done correctly can cause problems with income tax and VAT returns at a later date.

I only want you to update my books a few times a year.  Would this be possible?

Whatever the level of service you and your business require.

Our services can be every week, once a month, quarterly, or even just once a year to be ready for the Accountant.

Is it expensive?

We believe our charges are very competitive.  We have streamlined our office and service procedures and only use experienced staff.  This allows us to complete your bookkeeping, payroll and other tasks required in a highly efficient manner.  We believe in charging a reasonable price in return for our services.

How do you charge?

We can either arrange a fixed fee with you for a set amount of work, or we can charge you our flat hourly rate.  All of this will be discussed thoroughly in your initial consultation.

We invoice monthly and our terms are 30 days.

Do we have to sign any long term contract?

We do not want to tie-in our clients with any binding long term contracts, all we ask is 30 day cancellation notice.

How would you resolve our queries within the day to day running of our business?

As our professional business relationship grows, we will learn from you how you want us to assist your business – if you want us to talk directly with your customers / suppliers, we will do so.  If you want us to direct any communications through yourself, we will do so.  You are the boss – you decide.

All we will ask is that we are given as much information as needed to allow us to do our job properly for you.